Self-Help Saturday: Guided Meditation

I went for a drive yesterday, and instead of making it to the coast, well, I just drove in a circle on Hwy 99 and then Peoria Road. I planned to go to Newport, but missed the turn from Corvallis because I was thinking too hard, and let that just be what it was. I drove all the way to Independence and visited Ankeny Winery, wrote what I’m going to say at my conference presentation on Friday, and had a half glass of their red table wine. Then I went and watched A Star Is Born again at the Independence Cinema. This was the view when I came out.


Tom and I really struggle with transitions, and going from Friday at work to Friday at home is a doozy.  I said to him Friday night after some–grumpiness from both of us– that we clearly need a routine for handling transitions. It’s the hardest thing for students, and it’s the hardest thing for us.

I’ve been listening to Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” again. I have listened to it about one zillion times. It’s amazing what people can change behaviorally if they change ONE keystone habit. For me and Tom, it’s transitions. We need a plan for transitions. SO.

That’s the goal, figure out one new habit for transitions and DO IT.

In the middle of the night Saturday night I woke up, stressing out. My habit has been to look at my phone, research specifics about the horrible dream I had, or look at social media or email. I am quite proud to report that instead of doing this, I listened to a guided meditation. The guy has a British accent and it sounds so totally dorky at first, but I put earbuds in my phone, and laid there in the dark listening to this.

Guided Meditation

His voice and choice of words made me feel completely dumb for even doing it at first, but I told myself I was trying to change a habit.

I was sold when he said “you are in complete control. If you want to stop, just open your eyes.”

That’s what gets to me about meditation. It’s hard, because it feels like in order to do it right you have to not be distracted and do it some certain way. I’m learning that no, you don’t.  So, try this out. I listened and then blissfully fell asleep right after. I only had one bad dream. And that my friends, is a miracle.


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