Meditation Monday: Do it, Feel Better.

Purpose Follows Action. -Cathy Heller


Tom and I left on Friday to go to Belknap Lodge to camp in our new trailer. We hiked all over the whole place on Saturday, and then also took a drive to Sahalie Falls (above) to see this gorgeousness.

I cannot express what it was like to be genuinely unplugged for two days. There was barely any wifi and no cell reception. For me it was truly glorious. It made Tom a little keyed up, and by Sunday AM he needed us to GO because it was wearing him down. It bummed me out kinda hard. I’m trying to figure out what to do when our energies aren’t mixing. It sucks when they don’t. But from Friday-Sunday AM it was truly great to just hike and be away and use our trailer fireplace, (I KNOW!) and watch movies (I KNOW!) and walk by the McKenzie River and soak in the mineral-infused hot springs pool.

We had fun. We ate camping food. We walked back to the trailer in our swimsuits in 32 degrees, soaking wet. It was coooooold there! It was toasty warm in our trailer and for that we felt like we were super glamping. Ok, we were. I am delighted to report that we plan to go back in a few weeks with Ella and another teenager to keep her company. That will be good for Tom, he needs projects to keep him busy, and having two teenagers to worry about will keep him busy. Then I can be free to stare at trees or hike to one spot and stare at the river, or drink coffee and knit and be blissed out on NO INTERNET AVAILABILITY.

The country girl hick in me needs to be be unplugged on a regular basis. Actually, we all do. We need to be out there, living, instead of spending most of our time communicating not in real time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. It is amazing, and I’m very grateful we have Google to help remember historical facts  random trivia when we’re talking with friends and family and need to win an argument.

(I’m 95% right 95% of the time, I wish people would just start trusting me…)

So I called this blog Post “DO It, Feel Better.”

I was pretty grumpy to leave camping when we did. I really wanted to spend more time up the river in the mountains away from civilization and the “stuff” my life asks me to do and I ask of my life. So I got upside down in a swirl of toxic emotions. Cue the clip from What the Bleep-I had all the bad emotions surging through my cells last night and I was not in great shape. I struggled. Today I went to get my teeth cleaned, went to work, and ran into a co-worker that shared that she truly deeply thinks I should NOT blow off the “rule it out” test my neurologist wants me to do.
All this made me feel crummy. I went to Jerry’s to price the windows and door for my studio, which I desperately need. Then I looked at their adorable Christmas displays and smiled at people. I went to Winco and bought groceries. I DID NOT want to be around anyone, but I made myself get groceries for my family and I made myself be nice to others. A cute 3 year old boy was in line behind me, helping mom put groceries on the belt. Behind them was an Army vet, evidenced by his “Army” cap. I said “thank you for your service,” and he said “I was glad to do it.”

I thought about that. Glad to do it. I was glad to talk to him. I was glad to flirt with the 3 year old boy helping his mama. I was glad my co-worker talked to me from the heart.

I wasn’t glad when I left the house today. But by the time I got home, I was glad. Pollyanna had a good idea with her gladness game. And I have a good idea with my CYOGA class. I was not choosing gratitude yesterday. I was utterly failing at it.

Today, I was grateful for a dental technician that listened to my sensitivity issues and gave me an amazing and quick cleaning. I was grateful for clear roads. I was grateful that Tom smiled at me every time he saw me today, and that he told me he loves me. I was grateful for Liam sending me a picture of Baloo, and I was grateful for a guy at  Lane Forest saying he’d buy some eggs from me.

LIFE IS SO HARD. But we can do it, friends. We can do it. Make a list in your head or on paper of THREE GOOD THINGS that happened every day this week. Just one week. And if you’re really wanting to level up, take the three shitty things that happened and turn them into good things.  That is some definite magic, people.

Speaking of magic (squirrel!) I had a dream while camping that I was going to be going into Hogwarts to study witchcraft as an adult, like right now. It was a pretty cool dream, but also kind of creepy. I suppose witchcraft fits into cool/creepy category.

Be well. Find Gratitude. And show yourself some grace.



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