Wild Card Wednesday: Wonderings about Dogs

Once in a while we are called upon to go through challenges and feelings that we are sure might break us. Perspective gives us some pause, realizing that others have much more they are working with or without.

I’m working on accepting that life has some things that are especially hard for me-perhaps harder for me than they are for typical people.

I’m exceptionally sound sensitive. If a psychologist diagnosed me as autistic based on my sound sensitivity I would not be shocked. It can ruin my entire day to be affronted with unpleasant or intense sound. I love music and nature sounds, and other noises that to me are pleasant and calming, but sounds that interrupt me or are patternless or are just annoying-whoa.

I really severely struggle. A loud classroom when I’m trying to concentrate is tough-I have to practice consciously tuning things out. It feels like the sound is stuck in my head. I luckily haven’t developed the kind of migraines with pain, I get the aura kind. My fear is that one day the pain ones will develop.

I’ve gotten worse and worse at handling noise in the last few years. And now I live on a farm with two dogs that have the same sound sensitivity that I do. All three of us get startled and jump at noises. Somehow we never know when someone is arriving-it’s all calm and peaceful and they’re sleeping at my feet while I work in the kitchen or on the couch writing.

And then someone arrives and it’s like a war zone of barking.

All three of us react. The dogs bark at high decibel level and run around and carry on every time someone comes home-and it’s 10x worse if it’s after dark.

It’s just too much. I need help. I need to figure out how to help them and help me, because my nerves and my sanity cannot last. I literally went to my room crying recently, it shocked my system so badly and I was just so overwhelmed.

I know how to train dogs, and I have a general idea of where to start. But the time involved to succeed is daunting, and the buy in of the other 3 people living here is not guaranteed.

I need a pep talk. A few tips. People willing to come over and “distract” my dog during training. Or a message of “you got this, Jen.”

I cannot abide rude dogs, and I know they are not content. They clearly have some things going on in their doggie emotions, and I want to help them.

What do you do? How much time do you train a day? How long does it take to see any little bit of improvement?

Thank you friends. I just needed to reach out with a need today, and to accept help. Our pastor said that is the true path to God-accepting the love. Accepting it’s there.

I accept any help you have.

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