Thankful Thursday: Do One Thing

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It’s amazing how many things I attempt to accomplish simultaneously. What ends up occuring is that I do no things well, and end up being more stressed, more rushed, and much less productive. Sometimes my day feels so rushed that I long for a moment to just sit down, to just sit there and look at stuff on pinterest, or to just read my book, or to just pet my dog and look out the window. Instead I have my mind and body attempting to go 5 places at once. In my truck I’ve got an audio book on, checking the time obsessively, thinking about school/lessons. TOO much. Too much.

It’s helpful to mentally picture what we are going to do during the day. It is a way of setting an intention in our minds about what we want the day to look like. If you want that 30 minutes to read or take a walk…mentally preparing for that in your mind all day is proven to be beneficial to that goal. I’m listening to Charles Duhigg’s lastest book, and he talks a lot about that in it. So choose one thing, mentally prepare for it, and do it really well.

If you haven’t figured this out so far, I am practicing what I preach right alongside you. I am growing and learning-or attempting to, just like you are.

My challenge to you this week is to do one thing at a time, and to really pay attention to it. Try this for 5 minutes a day, because it can feel overwhelming to only do one thing!

While you are hugging your partner…just hug your partner. While you are chewing…just chew. While you are watching TV…just watch TV. Practice really noticing everything you do. Taste that bite of the meal you prepared. Savor the hug and love from your partner. Enjoy all the subtext in the show you are watching, because you are truly engaging with your life.

My friend Jamie on Cosmic Kids Zen Den is ready to help guide you through some mindful eating. Give this a whirl.

Cosmic Kids mindful eating


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