Sunday Full of Grace: Prayer answered



I went to get my Christmas tree today by myself. It was very freeing to do so, to just hop in my own pickup and head out to my favorite tree farm. They were happy to see me, and this is probably the 10th year I’ve gone there to get my tree.

I’ve never gotten my tree alone. It was a new thing. It was amazing to just walk around and look at trees and just decide-THAT ONE-and not debate. I mean, it’s not usually that hard, people are so much more accomodating around Christmas, but it was nice to just do it on my own. It’s an 8′ Nordman Spruce. I am in love with it. It’s the kind that has a lot of space in the branches for ornaments to show. Happy happy joy joy!

While getting the tree, I was slipping and sliding all over Jim and Deliene’s property. Our place is called Soggy Bottom Ranch, but their place is MUDDY. It had been raining really hard when I got there, and my glasses were getting wet, so I took them off and folded them into my jacket neck.  As I was driving away 15 minutes later, I realized I didn’t have them on my face anymore…and I didn’t know where they were.

Cue going back to the tree farm to walk around in the mud. First with their helper, then Jim, then Deliene. We couldn’t find them. We searched me, my truck, the grounds, my cut tree in the back of the truck. Apparently I was the 3rd person to lose glasses there today, but the first one to lose “real” prescription glasses. I just got them, replacement would be super expensive. We searched everywhere. We moved branches, we looked under trees. After over an hour of looking, I said a little prayer. I said, “Ok God, I could use a win right now. I have too much to deal with. This is a little request. Could you help me?”

One minute later, my glasses appeared in the mud, totally unharmed, waiting.

It was a little request, but it meant a lot to me.

Thank You, God. Thanks for helping me find my glasses.


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