Wild Card Wednesday: In the Studio

I have such a bad head cold right now that typing and looking at a screen is really hard. But I spent Monday and Tuesday night priming and painting my studio. It’s getting close to done. I wasn’t going to paint the old window, but now I think eventually I might. Who knows, I may even do some sort of fancy treatment on it. Who KNOWS?!

I have never had a studio like this. My last studio that I really felt like I could create in was a tiny room in the garage off the house. To get there I walked through the laundry room. After that I moved into a bedroom in the house, but it never really felt right.

To get to my new insulated, heated, wired, studio, I walk through my yard and under my willow and wisteria to get into it. I know there are a bunch of seams on the OSB, but I don’t care. There will be so many bookshelves and art up on these walls that I won’t notice. And since the entire room from ceiling to walls is OSB, I can nail things in anywhere and they will stay. I can screw into it, and it won’t matter. I can do…whatever…in my space. It’s mine. I paid for all these materials myself (maxed out my Jerry’s card) and Tom gifted me his labor and electrical supplies. I am so excited about what it will be like in here. OMG, I just realized I could put a SKY CHAIR in here! I have always wanted one of those! Yaay! There are so many beams and so on, this room can probably handle it. I should have mentioned this before he closed up the ceiling. Oh well, maybe we just have to add a brace on the ceiling.

Having this space to work in is going to literally change my life. I will further all of my creative projects here, and I’m more than grateful for this creative space, filled with my Frida Blue color. I’ll be painting the trim (coming this weekend) with bright barn red, like our house’s front door and gables. My studio door will also be red, so will the other exteriors of the other doors seen from the yard on the house (eventually). But, when I worry too much about that I’ll remind myself that the appraiser called our house “basically perfect.”

This is not a grey/white farmhouse style studio. It is color explosion studio, a place to stay awake and be heard. What’s funny is if you looked at so many of the art studios I pin on Pinterest, they’d be mostly all white with twinkle lights and super high ceilings and with plants. Hahaha.

Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few months. Or maybe not. For now, I am in love with it.

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