Fortune Friday: Bits and Pieces

I find that day to day work in the world can monotonous. I know I am not alone. It can start to feel really old. But then you can make yourself pay attention and mindfully accept what happens around you.

Wake up. Get clean and dressed. Deal with family, pets, stuff at home. Get yourself in your vehicle. Negotiate traffic/commute. Get to work. Arrive (usually) by the skin of your teeth. It is not even 8:00 am. 

Greet little tiny 5 year old people. Repeat: these are people that have lived on this earth for FIVE YEARS. They are amoebas.

Greet them, knowing they have an irrational trust in you, and walk them to class. Do school day (insert 1,000 decisions, 2 bandaids, 136 redirections for negative behavior, hundreds of dried tears and disputes. Drama. 

When the day is done you may feel tired and depleted. But I promise that you will not be bored.

There’s a movie called About Time, where the main character learns that he can time travel when he’s like 26. Insert many trials and tribulations. He’s not allowed to tell anyone.

So. How does the movie end? He decides to live each day twice. The first day is filled with all the stress and yuck. But the repeat day is filled with the magic of mindful attention. He notices smiles, art, humor, kindness, love. He loves all the pieces for being life.

What an extraordinary gift! I don’t have that gift but I can just try it out and do it the second way. Breathe in during the tough stuff and find what feels good and special right then. I promise-there’s always something to celebrate!

Like when I went Christmas shopping in a busy farm store and got to see this:

Guinea pig babies!

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