Sunday Full of Grace: Family part one

Butte County, California agriculture-tearing out old nut trees for new tree planting. It’s slightly spooky, as the air still smells like smoke and every other ad on the radio is for fire victims and my family has like 5 families extra living with them-most in travel trailers. I’m reminded of a quote from one of my favorite memoirs, “She Got Up Off The Couch,” by Haven Kimmel. “It is possible, when necessary, to get used to anything.”

I have been blogging less because WordPress has new editing software, and it’s not intuitive for me. It’s going to take a few hours of clicking around to figure it out. Sorry!

As I type this on my phone app, I just want to make sure to wish you Merry Christmas!!

#buttecounty #campfireparadise #family #nuttrees #christmas

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