Tribe Tuesday: Only keep what brings you joy.

I’m sitting with my own energy a lot the last few days. I started watching “Tidying Up,” and even though I’ve read her book, KonMari didn’t make sense to me before. I’m going to deal with all.the.stuff between now and Spring Break. I already promised myself. I’m going to help the family do it as well, and I know it’s best we all do it together. That said- I’m going to focus on what I can do first. One of the teens has a huge clothing problem, and it would help her. However, people don’t change until they are ready.

I was shocked at how many of my clothes held bad energy! When you hold each piece and say “does this being me joy,” and it doesn’t-I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I was starting to feel a lot of anxious energy this break when I let my energy be affected by others. I am actually-wait for it-starting to meditate. I sit cross legged with my eyes deeply closed and breathe. I sit on my red couch in my studio and hold my tarot cards. I think about all of the things that are bothering me and I just feel what they are making me feel. I ask myself in my head “why is it feeling this way?” When I feel like I worked through it enough, I shuffle the cards and pick one. Then I meditate on what the card said.

This may not be anything like any meditation a Buddhist monk might do, but maybe. I sit with my thoughts and let them calm down and it takes away the hurt and confusion that anxiety causes. For me-WIN WIN.

Loving myself and managing my emotions turns out to be the biggest demon I will fight.

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