Wild Card Wednesday: Tidy your sentimental items

I have been going through the last 20+ years of sentimental items from my childhood, my children’s childhoods, and my marriage to their father. I thought I’d gotten rid of a lot of items, but these are all full of sentimental things. I am stunned by how much means so little to me now. It was joyful to start a box for my children and their dad. I’m going to put the items in the boxes with much care, and present them as gifts.

The absolute hardest part that wasn’t happy was seeing how really happy my kids’ dad and I used to be. I’m glad we remain friends, but it’s so obvious that it’s time to let go of these things and make space in my life and future.

Also-I kept every.single.hot.gorgeous.photo.of.myself and divvied them to my kids or to my pile. Same went for their dad. So many beautiful photos of us with the kids, just one of us.

The Manila folders are to put family shots-so they can choose when to look at them. My daughter taught me the term “emotional consent,” and out of respect, and love, I’m making sure that I make space for that.

I’m not done. This is emotionally draining but really good. Time for bed-it’s after 4 am. #konmari #mariekondo #thelifechangingmagicoftidyingup

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