Wild Card Wednesday: Reckoning

It is astounding what happens when you make major shits in your life that scare the hell out of you. Suddenly you realize the work you still have to do. It is the proverbial iceberg. I am just starting to go down under the surface. AND I THOUGHT I HAD HEALED MYSELF SO MUCH. (enter a chorus of laughing from heaven…)

I have so much work to do on myself. So much work. I keep making all these realizations and having “a-ha” moments about myself because I decided to live by my intuition.

There is a lot I’m not ready to share because I’m really vulnerable and feeling like I need to wrap a hug of reflection around myself. But I’m writing. I’m just starting to write my story down from now instead of starting like Dickens did with David Copperfield, “Chapter 1. I am born.” I admit that I have an affinity for Dickens, he was bleak. I mean one of his novels was called Bleak House. He was a social critic in his works, as you might guess based on his themes, but he lived a pretty good life.

So far the title I’m working with for my book is #dontbelikeJennifer.

I’m going to start using it, I like it. Don’t be like me. A cautionary tale!

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