Fortune Friday: Unstuck

I have not done a collage like this in probably at least 10 years. It was something I needed to do, and put me into flow immediately. I bought a .97 sheet of poster board at Target and cut it in half and cut into some of my beloved art magazines and the cover art from DVDs. (I put them in a big folder). Along came Jennifer, free, favorite, unrated, surviving, wild, bird by bird. .

If you don’t get the Bird By Bird reference, it’s a book by the beloved Anne Lamott of the same name, about writing. She tells a story of her brother procrastinating a writing report on birds, and her father helping him saying, “Just finish it, Bird by Bird.” While making this collage one of the movies I watched was the story of Chris Gardner, formerly struggling and sometimes homeless with his 5 year old son, and portrayed on film by Will Smith in The Pursuit Of Happyness.

There are lessons here. And a lot of faith. No matter how low we get and how much pain we have to pass through, there is always a beacon of light, of hope, of love.

My faith (hope) is saving my life right now. It doesn’t matter that in my new house I have to pump my waste out and take it to the dump site.

Nothing thrown out gets forgotten-I have to meet it again on the flip side. .

It doesn’t matter that I take showers with as little water as possible, standing cold and dripping while I soap up. NONE of this matters. I am safe. I am ok. My basic needs are met enough to help me think. Process. Rejuvenate.

No matter how hard-no matter HOW HARD life gets, you have to figure out how to do what you’re meant to do. Since I moved I’ve been walking around in a daze, feeling numb and emotionless. Too sad to even think. I couldn’t. And I realized if I stayed that way, I might get stuck there in a purgatory of my own making and design. .


I choose my life. I choose to live and to grow and to make my wildest dreams come true. Every day, another step. .

What are you currently telling yourself is too much? What are you experiencing that might get you stuck? What can you do to alleviate that feeling for a few minutes? Sometimes breath works-just meditating on breath even for a few seconds.

Find your way. Unstuck.

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