Tribe Tuesday: Of Water and Earth

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks about my stuck quality. About how hard it is to communicate with those in love relationships and even other relationships sometimes.

My astrologer said that I have strengths in my chart that allow me to understand and see things other people can’t see yet, or will never see. That because I was born as I was with my particular influences, there’s a special interpretation for my life and my understanding of life.

Well, yeah.

I think about how hidden I was feeling, and that feeling came from not being understood. Not really seen. He thought he saw me (all of the hes thought they saw me) but I don’t think any have. I think I let it be that way. It’s hard to fully let someone love you and know you when you don’t trust them to take those tender parts of your heart and hold them sacred.

What a trip it is to look at what I have lived and realize that I regret nothing. I wouldn’t change my life at all. I’m grateful for every moment, down to the times I was hopeless with financial crisis and trauma, to the times I was emotionally abused and bruised by people and the world.

Being a highly sensitive and intuitive person carries with it deep responsibility and sometimes it can feel like a burden.

But I appreciate all parts of myself.

I was born a Virgo with Scorpio emotions. I am the earth and the water. I am a dog and a mermaid. I paint radiant multicolor emblems and dream with the power of mighty rivers.

When I remember how powerful I am in my soul, no matter how wounded, I know I will rise and become a greater thing. I am becoming and becoming and becoming.

There is a philosophy percolating in some science circles that our body completely rejuvenates itself very 5-7 years. I have always thought that there were soul cycles, too, where we are becoming new and changing for years and then finding a new way for a while, and then the cycle begins again.

Now I am the crescent moon, the little seedling with two leaves, the early morning hour before the sun breaks the horizon. I am on a journey. I am a sojourner.


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