Tribe Tuesday: The Golden Thread


I have so many things swirling and twirling in my head. And where I live right now I don’t have internet, so it is challenging to write. AND THAT is so hard, because this blog is something I started literally to just…save myself.

I’ll tell you the story of my day. Nothing fancy, just a day, a day that I noticed some things and accepted some things and loved.

I had one of those days at school where I could feel myself STRIVING so hard to be the best teacher I could be to the point that I was way over doing it. The teachers had a data meeting on Friday, and we looked at our ELA (English Language Arts) data, and it wasn’t pretty. We all struggled. We all had some areas of growth to work on, and it was vulnerable and scary and hard to swallow as a whole school. We have been working so so hard, and that was hard to accept.

As a team, we in Kindergarten didn’t want to face the meeting at all at first. We wanted to just curl up with coffee and our own classrooms. But we did the brave thing, and looked at the real facts in front of us. We managed to make some amazing connections about what students need, and made plans on how to implement those changes in our Title program as well as in our small and whole groups. It was a lot to work on. And this week I’ve felt soooooo intensely trying to make it all work, stepping up my game 1000% more.

That’s exhausting.

So today after ELA I just admitted, “that was really hard for me. I was STRIVING so hard.” I hadn’t taken a minute to breathe and be present. That’s sad. But that is what my day was. My day was a day of feeling things and then letting them pass.

That’s my takeaway from Tuesday.

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